Company amendments

    Our fee for any company amendments is only R250. These amendments include: Change of director name change change of address/ contact details change of year end These changes are done electronically via the CIPC portal, and needs to be signed by the directors of the private company. Annual returns We can also assist with submitting annual returns for your private company or closed corporations. The cost is R100 per year plus the CIPC charges. Not submitting these returns can lead to penalties, and the deregistration of the company. It is therefore very important to always ensure that the annual returns of the private company is up to date.

  • Tax

    VAT registration

    Does your company need a VAT number? We can help you apply for one. Companies that have a turnover of less than R1 million rand per year can voluntarily apply for a VAT number. Companies that have a turnover of more than R1 million per year, are obliged to register for VAT. Documents needed Company documents (COR14.3) Bank statements for one month Proof of address for all directors less than one month old Proof of address for the company less than one month old Invoices made out to the amount of R50 000. ID copies of all directors Click here to see what SARS accepts as proof of address. The…

  • accounting

    Monthly accounting

    We offer a monthly accounting package for small to medium companies, from only R850 per month. Package includes Capturing of transactions on Pastel Submission of VAT return if company is registered for VAT Income/expense report sent to director every month 2 x Provisional tax forms per year 3 page website, plus monthly hosting of 2GB personalized email address, up to 3 email addresses Terms and conditions The package is subject to signing a 12 month contract. The hosting space for the website is 2GB, should you wish to increase it, an additional fee will be charged. If the contract is cancelled before 12 months have lapsed, the hosting fee for…

  • accounting

    Financial statements

    We can assist small to medium companies to compile their annual financial statements, from only R4 000. The price includes capturing the transactions, compiling the financial statements as well as submitting the tax return (IT14). Please note that the price is depends on the amount of work, and the amount of transactions that have to be captured. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your tax needs.

  • Tax

    SARS final demand

    SARS is in the process of sending out final demands for all taxpayers who owe money. It is very important to know at all times what your tax status is, even when the company has been dormant. Even if a company has not been trading, a tax return has to be submitted for every year. SARS issues admin penalties for non submission of returns of R250 per month per return. This can add up to a considerable amount. Taxpayers should also ensure that their PAYE and VAT are up to date. If you have received a final demand from SARS, contact us to help you manage your debt. Or put…

  • CIPC

    Company registration

    Always wanted to start your own business? We can assist. Registration with CIPC For only R650 we can register a company for you with CIPC. Once the company is registered, we provide you with the company documents also known as the COR14.3. The company is then also registered for income tax with SARS. A document with the tax number will also be provided. BEE affidavit We will also include a free BEE affidavit to sweeten the deal. This document can be used if you want to apply for tenders etc. Information to be provided The following information should be supplied in order to do a company registration: Director details for…

  • PAYE

    PAYE recons explained.

    Monthly PAYE returns The monthly PAYE return is called a EMP201. The following amounts are to completed on this return, namely PAYE, SDL and UIF. The amounts are the amounts that are deducted from employees’ salaries. The SARS PAYE tables can be seen here. A 10% penalty is raised by SARS for the late submission of this recon. SDL SDL, or skills development levy is payable when the company’s total payroll exceeds R500 000 per annum. The amount to be contributed is 1% of the employees salary. This amount is contributed by the employer and not deducted from the salary. UIF UIF is dedcuted at 1% from the employees salary.…