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Tax admin penalties

If you have a company, it is very important to ensure that the income tax returns are up to date at SARS. SARS has started giving penalties for all companies with outstanding tax returns.

How much are the penalties?

The penalty is R250 per month, per return outstanding. This means that the amount can accumulate quickly into a big SARS debt.

What if my company has not traded?

Companies have to submit tax returns, even if they have not traded. They have to declare on the tax return that the company is dormant.

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tax admin penalties

Home office expenses – Filing season 2022

If you have claimed home office expenses on your personal income tax return at SARS, chances are very good that the tax return has been selectred for audit.

SARS is very strict this year with relation to the expenses they allow. In most cases, they need a letter from the employer confirming that you are allowed to work from home, a photo of the workspace at home etc.

This leads to a delay in refunds being paid out. And in general, SARS is very slow with reviews and audits this year.

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home office expenses