sars final demand

SARS is in the process of sending out final demands for all taxpayers who owe money.

It is very important to know at all times what your tax status is, even when the company has been dormant. Even if a company has not been trading, a tax return has to be submitted for every year. SARS issues admin penalties for non submission of returns of R250 per month per return. This can add up to a considerable amount.

Taxpayers should also ensure that their PAYE and VAT are up to date.

If you have received a final demand from SARS, contact us to help you manage your debt. Or put measures in place to pay in installments.


Andre van Niekerk

I am a registered tax practitioner with more than 10 years' experience with tax and accounting.  Thank you for reading my content, I hope you find it helpful.  Be sure to contact me with your tax related questions.