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Workmens compensation

What is workmens compensation?

In layman’s terms, workmens compensation, also known as COIDA, is an insurance policy. The policy is in place to protect employers in the event where an employee is injured on duty.


The company has to be registered at the department of labour.

COIDA returns and tariffs

Every company needs to submit a return every year in May. The tariffs are set annually by the department of labour. The amount payable is then calculated according to the salaries paid by the company.

Letter of good standing

Only once the return has been submitted and the payment made, will the department of labour issue a letter of good standing.


When an employee has been injured while performing his work duties, it must be reported to the department of labour immediately. They will then issue an authorization code which can be used to take the employee to a private medical institution.

workmens compensation

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COIDA – Domestic workers

As from 1 March 2021, it is mandatory for all individuals who employ domestic workers to register for COIDA. COIDA, or otherwise known as workmen’s compensation, refers to cover in case an employee is injured whilst on duty. Click on the link below to download a copy of the Government Gazette where this is announced.

Registration and coida returns

Firstly, all employers of domestic workers need to register with the department of labour. After a registration number is received, a return must be submitted. On the return, the annual salary of the domestic worker needs to be declared, and a premium will be calculated according to the information provided. The premium then needs to be paid by the employer.

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coida domestic worker