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Public officer appointment with new companies

When you have registered a new company, a public officer has to be appointed at SARS. This needs to be done before the tax profile of the company can be added on eFiling. This is the case with private companies and non profit companies. The public officer will be the director of the company. In the event where there is more than 1 director, only one director will be appointed as the public officer.

Documents required

The following documentation is required to appoint a public officer:

  • ID copy. When it is an ID card, copies of both the front and back is required.
  • Proof of banking details for the company. Internet bank statements with an electronic bank stamp is acceptable.
  • Proof of address for the company.
  • Proof of address for the director.
  • A letter where the director accepts the role as public officer.
  • Copy of the COR14.3

Together with this, a selfie of the director is required. When the selfie is taken, the director has to hold his ID in his one hand and a paper in the other hand. On this paper, the following has to be written,” Please update my eFiling security details”, with the current date. The following documents are accepted as proof of address. Read the latest SARS updates here.

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eFiling and new company registration

SARS has recently changed the way in which newly registered companies are registered on eFiling. Once you have done a company registration, CIPC automatically notifies SARS, who then issues the company with an income tax number.

Appointing a public officer after a company registration

Before a company can be registered on eFiling, one of the directors has to be appointed as the public officer at SARS. This means that they will verify the contact details, and link the business tax profile to the personal tax profile of the public officer.

After this process is done, the company can register on eFiling using a one time pin(OTP) which is sent to the public officer. Returns can then be submitted and a tax clearance obtained.

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