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SARS turnaround times delays

Since January 2022, SARS have been problems with keeping up with their turnaround times.

How does this impact you?

The result of this is that everything takes longer to be finalized. This includes VAT audits, income tax audits, appointment of public officers, disputes etc.

SARS turnaround times

Remedial action

Unfortunately, there are a lot of processes to follow when SARS fails to stick to their turnaround times. The first step is to escalate the case number. After this, you need to wait again for SARS to act. The next step is to lodge a complaint with the SARS complaints department. Only after all of these processes have been completed, can a complaint be lodged at the SARS tax ombudsman.

This causes a lot of frustration for both tax practitioners and taxpayers. And the result of this is that it can take months to finalize a case.

If you need assistance with a case like this, do not hesitate to contact us.