Domestic workers

All individuals who employ domestic workers, are required by law to register them for UIF. This also includes gardeners, child caregivers and drivers. The employer has to deduct 1% from the employees salary monthly, and also make a contribution of a further 1%. A UIF return has to be submitted to the department of labour before the 7th of the following month and the money paid over.

We can assist with the registration of a domestic worker for only R350. If you are already registered, but unsure of whether there are any returns outstanding, we can assist. We can provide you with a report of the outstanding reports.

Commercial employers

All companies who have active employees have to be registered at the department of labour for UIF. Even though the UIF is paid over to SARS on a monthly basis, the company still has to submit a UIF return to the department of labour as well.

Contact us today if you need to register for UIF. The cost is only R350. We can also request a report to see whether there are any UIF returns outstanding.